Craft, craftsmanship, love for the profession and for the product, perfection and a rich history. These are just a few words that bubble up in me when it comes to Champagne. After all, champagne is pure emotion. Not only for the 'user' but certainly also for the 'maker'. I discovered that a few years ago when I first became acquainted with the champagne region and its winemakers. My personal love for France, combined with the passion with which people think about food and drink in this country, also brought me to the Champagne region.

By special invitation to the best champagne makers and houses in the world, I discovered a world of people who are passionate about their profession. And actually I was immediately sold after that. The sweet, open people who proudly talk about 'their' champagne and who often make a beautiful product generation after generation at the same location, intrigued me enormously. The idea was therefore quickly born to give others the chance to get this unique 'Expérience'. Thanks to my years of experience in organizing high-end travel and events for my company Lauk Hostesses & Events in The Netherlands, I always know how to surprise guests with an experience that will be talked about for a long time to come. I now like to use that experience for Henda Flowers with Champagne trips where my guests are really immersed in the world of Champagne!  

Join me and I will show you the world of Champagne

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